About SVIV

Our Vision

To be the choice platform for all Singapore-Vietnam 4th Generation SMEs
to forge trusted partnerships and build an eco-system that champions
sustainable and socially impactful ventures

Our Story

Since 1973, Singapore-Vietnam has established a strong bilateral relationship with Singapore being Vietnam’s largest investor in 2020. Riding on the strong foundation and the evolving 4th Generation Business landscape, a group of Small Medium Enterprise (SME) owners came together to set up the Sing-Viet Business Ventures (SVIV), with the idea of helping Singapore SMEs expand into Vietnam and vice versa.

SVIV aims to help SMEs connect and establish its businesses in Singapore or Vietnam through partnership instilled with the right support system to ensure sustainability and social impact.

SVIV Committee Members

Lawrence Lim

Vice President

Joe Tan

Executive Vice President

Edwin Chew

Secretary General

Nicole Hoang

External Relations

Jingle Chen

Events, Branding, and Marketing

Clariss Lam

Deputy Secretary General

Regan Hee

Deputy Treasurer

Joel Tang

Deputy External Relations

Dharma Sadasivan

Legal and Compliance