“At Harvester, our philosophy is quite simple: Harvester – A Better Grocer” – The Founder.

After leaving the previous company, Nicole Hoang (founder), had realized that it was time for her to step-up and follow the dream that she has been carrying on since day one – achieving a heathier lifestyle. With that in mind, she has shared this passion about celebrating fresh produce with family and being encouraged to pursue the dream of spreading quality healthy food to the community.

Under those circumstances and despite the peak of Covid-19, HHH Enterprise was founded on an autumnal day of August 2020 with the support from family. The very first physical store was named “Harvester”, dedicating to make affordable, high-quality food more accessible while helping break the cycle of food waste. With some advice by Regan Hee, HHH’s advisor, the founder works directly with farmers and makers to ensure that organic produce and other grocery items all fresh and clean before delivery them to your door—all aim at passing the best to your table.

Step by step, Harvester is gaining trust and love from customers with its simple philosophy, offering wide range gourmet grocery products, international gourmets, organic and gluten

free products along with fruits, vegetables, wine and beverages in our modern, stylish stores.

Keeping up with the story, Poke Theory was introduced along the way with Harvester as a satellite poke outlet by sharing the same ideas of healthy wholesomeness. This healthy food chain is serving up modern Hawaiian mixed with Japanese poke bowl. Soon, it has been favoured by everyone cause of its colourful bowl, yet healthy and affordable. Up till now, there are 4 outlets of Poke under HHH’s management.

Finding the way to live a new “normal life” after Covid pandemic, the initiators still assures HHH follow their objectives of why they started everything, bringing our customers the most exciting and diverse range of organic and eco-friendly food, drink and lifestyle products.